Monday, August 17, 2015

Recommended Reads: Great Cartoon Blogs

                             Expanding the reference pool, and sharing the good stuff...

Here is a collection of great blog links related to artists and cartoons; I hope they prove helpful to you in expanding your reference pool of artwork! If I find more, I'll be sure to add them here or post about them later!

A great art and animation website run by Stephen Worth, who works hard to expand the animation reference pool each day! He's a great guy, too--I should know, I work for him!

Artist Eddie Fitzgerald's blog is a very fun and informative read! 

A blog run by one of the greatest cartoonists ever, Oscar Grillo!

A wonderfully rich art blog run by the late master animator Michael Sporn. This blog is an absolute must to bookmark.

Sherm Cohen knows cartoons and comics are fun, and he has all that and more on Cartoon Snap!

Animator Will Finn has his own blog, and he posts plenty of thoughtful posts and cool drawings!

Animator Andreas Deja has his own blog, and it is loaded with treasures of Disney artwork. 

Shane Glines shares the work of countless great cartoonists here! Loaded with eye candy!

Van Eaton Galleries is an amazing collection and reference pool of classic animation artwork. Another first stop link!

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